PCC Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

The QEP, or Quality Enhancement Plan, is an initiative that outlines a new, long-term strategy chosen by a college to enhance learning for its students. It complements the college’s existing programs to improve the learning environment, strengthens student learning outcomes, and supports its mission.

The Pamlico Community College (PCC) Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), “Learning Like a BOSS at PCC: Boosting Online Student Success (BOSS),” is the result of a comprehensive and collaborative effort to identify student needs and enhance student learning. Mirroring state and national trends predating COVID-19, from 2015-16 to 2019-20, total course enrollments in online classes at PCC rose from 1,278 to 1,902–a 48.8% increase (NCCCS, 2020). Simultaneously, students in online courses have had lower success (as measured by A/B/C/P grade and average course grade) and a higher withdrawal rate.

Following a multi-year topic selection and development process involving focus groups, surveys, research, presentations, and dialogue with stakeholders inside and outside the college, the QEP committee established three desired outcomes.

  1. Increase success rate (A/B/C/P) of online courses 10% above baseline.
  2. Increase average course grade of online courses 10% above baseline.
  3. Decrease withdrawal rate of online courses 10% below baseline.